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After School Creative Clubs

At Chesil Creative, we understand the challenges that teachers face in striving to find time in busy school schedules to fit in quality creative lessons such as Art and Design & Technology. With a passion for these subjects, we have created after school clubs that offer children greater opportunity to explore, develop and nurture their natural creativity as well as allow access to materials, resources and expertise that they may not have access to in their regular school lessons. With parents’ busy schedules in mind, we have designed these clubs to run within your school straight after the school day. In addition, the admin arrangements for our clubs have been made as hassle-free as possible, as we know that schools are busy places with enough admin of their own to deal with!

Chesil Creative is run by Ellie, a fully qualified Primary School Teacher with a passion for all things creative. She worked in photography, film-making and digital imaging before turning her hand to teaching and now absolutely loves combing her wealth of art and craft knowledge with her teaching expertise to provide fun, progressive and inspirational lessons. Ellie is DBS checked, holds a Paediatric First Aid certificate and has public liability insurance.  

We are offering the option of three exciting creative after school clubs for Key Stage Two children: Art, Textiles and Animation. You simply need to select the one that would suit the needs of your school and children the best and we will do the rest! 

Children's artwork from Chesil Creative's after school art club. A Painted cityscape silhouette and a tangle pattern and oil pastel autumn leaf.


Each art session is carefully planned to encourage your children to imagine, explore, experiment and enjoy. They will be introduced to a range of new art techniques through disciplines such as drawing, painting, printing, collage and sculpture. Through this, your children will have the opportunity to use a variety of art materials, including ones that they may not normally have access to within their regular school lessons, and have lots of fun in the process!


We chose to name this club ‘textiles’ rather than simply ‘sewing’ because, as well as offering your children the opportunity to learn how to sew a range of different stitches, they will also use textiles in a variety of engaging and inspirational ways. They will experiment with felting using different techniques as well as dyeing and printing fabrics. They will also create wonderful appliqued designs and have a fun time making pom-poms! In the process, your children will get to go home with some beautiful yet practical items that they will feel proud of.

Children's work from Chesil Creative's after school textiles club. A hand-sewn and decorated Christmas stocking, a pom pom spider and a tie-dye bag with an applique design.
Children's animation in an after school animation club using iPads with iMovie and Animate It apps.


Animation is a wonderful tool for cross-curricular learning and an exciting media for creative and imaginative minds. Over the course of a half term, your children will work in small groups to participate in every stage of the filmmaking process. After planning, scripting and storyboarding a simple story, your children will then use their artistic skills to create props, scenery and characters using a variety of materials. After that, they will learn the techniques to film their own animation and will finally edit their own film, adding sound to bring their masterpieces to life!

How does it work?

Who? Key Stage 2

Where? A classroom of your choice with a sink for washing up and enough tables and chairs for each pupil.

When? Straight after the school day, on a day of your choice (subject to availability)

How long? Each session is 1hour 15minutes (We have found that the extra 15minutes allows for a good hour of dedicated creative time with enough time to tidy up properly afterwards!)

How much? Parents pay for each half term in advance via our website. The cost of each session is £6, with a sibling discount of £5 per child. E.g. a 6 week term = £36 each  [or £30 for each sibling]

How many? Our maximum number of children is 16 and our minimum is 8. 


The Process:

Step 1 decide which one of our three exciting creative clubs you would like us to run in your school and which day you would like us to run the club on.

Step 2 We will come in to your school and hold a short interactive assembly for your KS2 children so that they can get a taste of what our clubs might involve.

Step 3We will create letters to parents to let them know the club is happening. Depending on your preference, we can either print the letters to be put in registers and sent home with children or give you a digital copy to email directly to parents.

Step 4Parents book online via our website, where they fill in their details, tick a box to declare their consent and pay us directly (because we know that schools are busy places and you have enough of your own paperwork to deal with!) We will simply inform you of the children we have booked in on the day before the club is due to start.

If we do not have enough children to meet our minimum requirement of 8, we will refund parents directly.

Step 5 We will arrive on the day of the club, check all the children are present and have a wonderfully creative time! We will ensure your classroom is left as clean and tidy as we found it.

We look forward to working with you!

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